5 Signs of an Improperly Installed Fixed Shower Screen in Singapore


Proper installation of a fixed shower screen is essential for maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in Singapore. However, improper installation can cause various issues that are not only frustrating but also potentially expensive to fix. In this article, we will explore five common signs that indicate an improperly installed fixed shower screen, helping homeowners and property owners in Singapore to recognize and resolve these issues.


Unevenly Positioned Shower Screen


One of the most obvious signs of an improperly installed fixed shower screen is an uneven or crooked positioning. Whether it’s a fixed panel shower screen or a fixed screen with a sliding door, this issue can arise. It often occurs when the screen is not properly leveled or aligned during installation. An unevenly positioned shower screen can not only appear unattractive but can also cause water leaks and other related problems.

To confirm this issue, stand in front of the shower and visually inspect the screen. Look for any noticeable tilting or uneven gaps between the screen and the walls or floor. If you observe that the screen is misaligned, it is a clear sign of improper installation.


Gaps and Leaks


Another common sign of an improperly installed fixed shower screen is the presence of gaps and leaks. These gaps can appear between the screen and the walls, the screen and the floor, or even within the screen itself. Such gaps allow water to escape the shower area, potentially causing water damage and mold growth.

To check for gaps and leaks, closely examine the entire perimeter of the shower screen, looking for any openings or spaces where water could escape. Additionally, run your hand along the edges of the screen to detect any inconsistencies or gaps. To prevent any leaks from occurring, you should hire a professional shower screen installation service.


Loose or Wobbly Shower Screen


While there are advantages to installing a shower screen like a fixed shower screen, it’s essential that the installation is done correctly. A properly installed fixed shower screen should be firmly secured and stable, with no noticeable movement or wobbling. If the screen feels loose or unstable, it’s a clear sign that the installation was not done correctly.

Challenges homeowners can face during DIY fixed shower screen installation include ensuring the screen is secured and stable. To test for this, gently push and pull on the shower screen, observing for any excessive movement or instability. If the screen feels like it could easily be dislodged or moved, it should be inspected and potentially reinstalled by a professional.


Poorly Applied Sealant


Proper sealing is important as the sealant used to secure the fixed shower screen to the walls and floor plays a crucial role in ensuring a proper and long-lasting installation. If the sealant is improperly applied or has started to deteriorate, it can lead to water leaks and other issues. Examine the sealant around the perimeter of the shower screen, looking for any gaps, cracks, or areas where the sealant appears to be peeling or separating from the surfaces. 


Visible Scratches


While not necessarily a functional issue, visible scratches on the fixed shower screen can still signal improper installation. These scratches may have occurred during the installation process, suggesting that the screen was not handled with the necessary care and attention.

Thoroughly inspect the surface of the shower screen for any visible scratches, nicks, or blemishes. If you notice these, it’s a good idea to have the screen inspected by a professional to ensure that the installation was done correctly and that the screen is not compromised. After confirming proper installation, try to be familar with the different ways to maintain your shower screen.


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Identifying the signs of an improperly installed fixed shower screen is essential for upholding a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in Singapore. Being mindful of common issues like uneven positioning, gaps and leaks, loose or wobbly screens, poor sealant application, and visible scratches, homeowners and property owners can take the necessary steps to address these problems and ensure your fixed shower screen is installed correctly. When you choose reputable shower screen services from Midas Shower Screen Singapore, you can have confidence that your fixed shower screen will be installed to the highest standards. 


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