6 Reasons To Select an HDB Shower Screen Made of Tempered Glass in Singapore


When it comes to upgrading or renovating the bathroom in your HDB flat in Singapore, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll face is selecting the right shower screen. Among the various options available such as fixed shower screens, corner shower screens, and tempered glass screens, those made from tempered glass have gained widespread use for their practicality. In this article, we’ll explore six compelling reasons why an HDB shower screen made of tempered glass is an excellent investment for your home.


Shatter Resistant

Tempered glass, renowned for its enhanced strength and safety features, is a prime choice for HDB shower screens. Among the different types of glass shower screens available, tempered glass screens stand out for their specialized heat-treatment process, rendering them notably stronger than regular glass shower screens. The ability of the glass to form small, blunt pieces upon breakage significantly mitigates the risk of serious injury, a crucial factor in households with young children or elderly residents.


Modern Looking Design


Tempered glass shower screens offer a modern and stylish appearance that blends seamlessly with the design of your HDB bathroom. The transparent and minimalist nature of tempered glass creates an open and airy feel, enhancing the visual appeal of your bathroom space. This modern look can help to elevate the overall style and sophistication of your HDB flat, making it a popular choice among homeowners who value both functionality and aesthetics.


Low Maintenance


Tempered glass offers a distinct advantage thanks to its smooth, non-absorbent surface which decreases the buildup of soap scum, hard water marks. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier which is important for any HDB shower screen. 

Whether you choose a bifold shower screen or sliding shower screen, opting for tempered glass means less scrubbing and wiping compared to materials like metal or acrylic. This means you can enjoy a sparkling-clean shower screen with minimal effort, saving you time and hassle in the long run.


Non-Porous Surface

The non-porous nature of tempered glass is a significant benefit when it comes to HDB shower screens. In fact, it is one of the important features to look out for when selecting a shower screen. Unlike certain other materials, tempered glass resists water, soap, and other bathroom elements from seeping in. This non-porous surface helps to better prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be a common issue in humid bathroom environments. Additionally, the smooth, seamless surface of tempered glass reduces staining which preserves the pristine look of your shower screen through time.


Illusion of Space


The transparent nature of tempered glass shower screens creates an illusion of increased space in your HDB bathroom. By allowing natural light to pass through and minimizing visual obstructions, tempered glass can make your bathroom feel more open and airy, even in smaller or more compact spaces. Such a benefit is regarded as one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a shower screen as it can be especially advantageous for HDB residents aiming to enhance their bathroom’s perceived spaciousness without significant renovations.


Long Lifespan

Tempered glass is highly resistant to wear and tear, unlike other materials that may deteriorate over time due to exposure to water, chemicals, and daily use. With proper care and maintenance, a tempered glass shower screen can last for many years, offering a dependable and enduring solution for your HDB bathroom needs. Notwithstanding the common misconceptions about glass shower screens, tempered glass remains a popular option for HDB residents.


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Installing a shower screen in your HDB flat in Singapore comes with numerous benefits,  especially if it’s made of tempered glass. It guarantees durability and a modern appearance, simplifies maintenance, and guarantees a longer lifespan. Choosing a tempered glass shower screen also doesn’t just enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, it also improves its functionality and safety. This makes it a stylish and practical choice for modern living spaces. By considering these six compelling reasons, you’ll be more able to make an informed decision and transform your HDB bathroom into a more convenient and adaptable space.


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