7 Important Features To Look Out For When Selecting A Shower Screen in Singapore


When it comes to selecting a shower screen in Singapore, there are several important features that you should consider. A shower screen not only adds aesthetic appeal to your bathroom but also serves functional purposes such as ensuring privacy and preventing water leakage. If you’re interested in installing a shower screen, it’s recommended to engage with a professional service. In this article, we will discuss seven crucial features that you should look out for when choosing a shower screen. 


Type of Glass


Alongside the many types of shower screens, there are different kinds of glass available, with tempered glass and laminated glass being among the most common choices in Singapore. Tempered glass is renowned for its durability and is capable of withstanding high temperatures and impacts, thus making it an excellent choice for safety. Conversely, laminated glass consists of multiple layers with a clear plastic interlayer, offering additional strength and security. Both types of glass provide excellent clarity and can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


Secure and Durable Hardware

In addition to the glass type, the hardware used in a shower screen is an equally important factor to consider. The hardware typically includes the hinges, handles, brackets, and other components that hold the glass panels together. It is thus crucial to choose hardware that is secure and durable to ensure the longevity of your shower screen. Look for materials such as stainless steel or brass that are resistant to rust and corrosion. Afterward, hire a professional shower screen installation service to assist you with the process of installing your shower screen.


Seals and Gaskets


Seals and gaskets play a crucial role in preventing water leakage from your shower screen. These components are installed along the edges of the glass panels to create a tight seal when the screen is closed. It’s best to choose shower screens with high-quality seals and gaskets to ensure maximum water resistance. Thus, look for shower screens made of materials such as PVC or rubber that are durable and flexible. In case you face any difficulty choosing, don’t hesitate to have professional shower screen installers assist you along the way. If you are still deciding whether to opt for DIY shower screen installation or professional shower screen installation, bear in mind that it requires knowledge of the specific techniques and tools needed to ensure a secure and durable installation. 


Smooth Edges

Safety is paramount when it comes to selecting a corner shower screen or a bifold shower screen, especially if you have young children or elderly family members at home. Thus, be sure to check the edges of the glass panels before making your final decision. It is important to ensure that the edges of the glass panels are smooth and free from any sharp or rough edges. Smooth edges not only reduce the risk of accidental injuries but also make cleaning and maintenance easier. 


Anti Slip Surface


Another essential feature to consider when choosing a shower screen is an anti-slip surface. The bathroom floor can become slippery when wet, and having an anti-slip surface on your shower screen can help prevent accidents and falls. If your shower screen does not have an anti-slip feature, it is a sign that you should replace your shower screen immediately to prevent unnecessary accidents. Look for shower screens with a textured or frosted glass surface, as it provides better traction and grip. This feature is particularly important if you have elderly or disabled individuals using the shower.


Clear Markings

Clear markings on a sliding shower screen can enhance safety and convenience. As such, look for shower screens with clear markings that indicate whether the screen is open or closed. These markings can help prevent accidents by ensuring that the screen is properly secured before use. Additionally, clear markings can make it easier for users to operate the shower screen, especially if they have limited mobility or visual impairments.


Special Accessibility Features


For individuals with disabilities or the elderly, special accessibility features are crucial when selecting a shower screen. Look for shower screens with low thresholds that provide easy access for wheelchair users or those with mobility challenges. Additionally, consider shower screens with grab bars or handrails, as they provide added support and stability. The benefit of installing such shower screens is that they improve accessibility and usability of for individuals with special needs


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Selecting the right shower screen in Singapore is not a decision to be taken lightly. By considering the type of glass, secure and durable hardware, seals and gaskets, smooth edges, anti-slip surface, clear markings, and special accessibility features, you can ensure that you choose a shower screen that meets your requirements in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re installing an HDB shower screen or a fixed shower screen, remember to contact a reputable service provider like Midas Shower Screen Singapore to ensure quality installation and service. By engaging a trusted shower screen installation service, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional bathroom for years to come.


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