Frosted / Sandblasted Glass

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Frosted / Sandblasted Glass

Frosted glass is basically a type of glass which is translucent in nature and is constructed in such a way that its surface becomes rough. This is unlike the typical clear glass that that most glass windows in residential areas are made of.

Light would get scattered when passing through it, which then obstructs views, making it great for private spaces such as meeting rooms. The fact that a frosted glass window can still allow some light to brighten up the room while maintaining privacy in specific areas makes it a favourite among our clients.

However, there are some important factors to consider before you select a certain glass material – whether it will be tempered glass or frosted glass. Our team of experts will work closely with you in order to make recommendations according to your desired aesthetics, the amount of light you want in your area, as well as the degree of privacy you require. After all, frosted glass is considered to be a versatile material with many uses.

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Usefulness and Functionality

Frosted glass his now currently being used in several office buildings as material for glass partition walls or even glass doors. Not only is frosted glass typically visually appealing, but it also has several characteristics that cannot be found in drywall partitions. They are less likely to suffer from the usual wear-and-tear as they are made to withstand different environments. Even if certain parts of a frosted glass gets damage, you can easily get a film to hold the shards in place until proper repair work is done. This property especially makes these glasses ideal for use in workplaces where safety is held as one important priority.

Easy Maintenance

You might first be hesitant to install a frosted glass panel as its surface might not exactly look like they’re easy to clean. However, it’s actually the contrary. You can easily clean them by wiping the panels with a simple damp cloth. The use of the water will have no adverse effect on the glass.

You can ensure that your privacy will be maintained wherever you may need to install frosted glass panels.

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Different Styles Available

The use of blinds or curtains might not necessarily be popular these days, especially in office spaces where a professional environment needs to be maintained. With the use of frosted glass, an entire room can get better lighting without having to compromise on privacy requirements of the space. Glass panels can be “frosted” on different parts of the glass using a variety of designs ranging from floral to geometric shapes. These designs can be done on all kinds of fixtures such as glass windows, glass railings, glass partition walls, and even mirrors.

frosted sandblasted glass midas glass contractor singapore


Sandblasting is one of the methods used to make frosted glass. Through this method, clear glass is made translucent. In this process, very fine materials get “blasted” on the surface of the glass after which etchings are made.

In creating sandblasted glass, stencils are also often used to create various patterns. Frosted or sandblasted glass can be used in places such as in bathrooms where glass shower screens or a frosted glass door are usually found.

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